The Insider’s Guide to Marketing Your Home…

First, a few facts:

1. There are over 8,000 properties currently listed for sale with our area’s MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Of course, you can put up a sign and list with your choice of any of 100’s of local agents. But to make your home stand out from the crowd, you need to market your home effectively.

2. Your home is unique because of its location, floor plan, finishes, and intangibles. To market it effectively, you’ll need a unique, comprehensive marketing plan.

3. This is the age of technology. Over 90% of today’s buyers are using the Internet to search for properties and to learn about neighborhoods and communities. Savvy buyers want more than a few pictures and a limited set of facts.

4. The one time you shouldn’t rely on technology is to set your asking price. Computers work well with tangible data (square footage, quality of construction, neighborhood, etc.). But in fact, your home’s real worth is what a motivated buyer is willing to spend for both the tangible and intangible values. Determining the optimum listing price requires more than a computer algorithm.

What’s a Comprehensive Marketing Plan?

Now, more than ever, marketing your home requires a multifaceted approach. Not all homes require all of these elements, but an effective plan will combine many of these resources:

1. Careful research to establish the best asking price.

2. An accurate, well thought out MLS listing. The hundreds of agents that represent active buyers, need  factual information.

3. A detailed social media campaign.

4. A 3D Home Tour (see Video)

5. A dedicated website. There is probably more information about your home and its intangibles than an MLS listing can present.  A dedicated website (www.229 Nut Hatch Loop, for example) can feature your 3D Tour, video’s covering various aspects of your home, and an introduction to your neighborhood.

6. A plan to evaluate your unique Marketing results. This might include a periodic report on your marketing metrics. For example, the number of views of your listing, dedicated website, 3D tour, and videos, as well as the number of inquiries and showings. It could also include regular updates on the comparable properties your agent used to determine your asking price and the latest trends in interest rates and other factors that impact the entire market.

What We Offer –

After learning about both your home and your objectives, we will develop a unique plan that best utilizes all of the Advanced Marketing Technologies we employ to effectively tell your home’s story. And here is an important difference in how we approach marketing your home… what we recommend will be included in our standard commission. You won’t pay extra for the latest marketing tools.

If you are planning to sell your home, shouldn’t you contact us for a no obligation proposal?