The Insider’s Guide to Finding Your New Home…

Searching for the right Western North Carolina Home for You?

There are many homes for sale in Asheville and Western North Carolina. We can guide you in your search for your dream home.

First, a few observations:

1. Be prepared to be surprised. Searching for the “perfect” home involves much more than developing a list of physical requirements. As you learn about communities, construction, and commuting, you’ll have the opportunity to discover new insights into your personality, priorities, and patience.

2. While you can begin by doing your own research into the communities you are considering, you really need a guide. Finding a guide you can trust and who is compatible with your style should be at the top of your priority list. You will spend a great deal of time with your guide discovering, negotiating, and closing on your new home. Don’t make that journey with the wrong person.

3. Do your homework. First, research the reputation of the agent/guide who will help you in your search. Next, work with your agent/guide to define your starting requirements as to budget, location, and other tangibles (square footage, style, neighborhood, schools, etc.) and intangibles. And be prepared to revise your requirements as your journey of discovery progresses.

4. Don’t rely solely on your agent/guide to find your new home. They are working with the priorities you’ve defined and may choose not to show you something outside of those requirements. Remember this is your learning experience and ultimately you will make the final decision.

5. Always strive to be realistic with your objectives. Know your limits and be up front with them.


What We Offer –

Our philosophy is “it is not real estate, it’s your home.” To us that means we understand how important this is to you and your family. We’ll begin by asking a few pointed questions and then listening. We understand that we need to earn the trust of each of our clients and that trust is paramount. After learning about your objectives and experience, we will develop a unique plan to guide you in your search. That plan will be different for each buyer. First time home buyers will need coaching and encouragement in most or all of the aspects of acquisition and ownership from credit scores to closing statements. Experienced home owners will have different needs.

You will discover that we are not into wasting time – yours or ours. That’s why we will use the latest technologies to support your search. This might include the use of video conferencing, virtual home tours, or online classes teaching clients how to research properties online.

As you prepare for your new home search, conventional wisdom teaches that you should interview at least three potential agent/guides. Shouldn’t we be one of them?