Advanced Marketing Technology –

This is the age of technology. Over 90% of today’s buyers are using the Internet to search for properties and to learn about neighborhoods and communities. Savvy buyers want more than a few pictures and a limited set of facts. This is why we believe in using the latest technology to guide our clients and save them time and money.  Here are some examples of how we are using technology today:

1. For sellers, a 3D Home Tour has been proven to make a home more marketable. If buyers have access to 3D Home Tours, significant time can be saved developing a short list of properties to visit. In some cases, we’ll visit a home that doesn’t have a 3D Tour and build an exclusive mini tour for a client. This is especially valuable for an out-of-town buyer with limited time to spend on site.

2. The largest demographic of home buyers in the United States are Millennials (34 and younger).  To meet this group where they live, we believe a marketing campaign must involve a social media component.


3. Typically there is more information about each home and its intangibles than an MLS listing can present.  A dedicated website (www.229 Nut Hatch Loop, for example) can feature a 3D Tour, video’s covering various aspects of a home, and an introduction to the neighborhood.

4. The National Association of Realtors says, “… the latest marketing weapon in real estate is the use of dramatic camera drone photography & video tours in online listings.” We’ve found that an aerial view of a property and a neighborhood is an imperative to capture the attention of today’s internet shoppers.

5. Finding the right new home can be time consuming. Why not take advantage of the latest video conferencing technology to make the best use of your time? From Listing Presentations to Virtual Home Tours to Contract Negotiations, Video Conferencing saves time and travel.